Pollstar Impact NextGen: Jessica Jennings


Jessica Jennings
– Jessica Jennings

Jessica Jennings
Senior Manager, Experiential Marketing & Live 

Production, SiriusXM Pandora
Age 29

Favorite Show Of 2019
Zac Brown Band at Bud Light Dive Bar

In her work with Pandora, Jessica Jennings oversaw the planning and execution of more than 60 events in 2019, starting with Zac Brown Band at Bud Light Dive Bar during Super Bowl week in Atlanta. That event had more than 2,000 attendees in total and saw ZBB performing for 90 minutes with Dave Grohl joining for the last song. 

Having seen Pandora’s events team grow from near non-existence to a substantial presence is one of Jennings’ greatest accomplishments thus far, and she thinks experiential marketing will only continue to grow, as she sees it as the future of marketing. 

“Live events and exclusive opportunities that brands bring to life will take over new age marketing,” Jennings said. “Data is a major driver for advertisers to know how to reach consumers, and with experiential there is more data in the moment where consumers are ready to give their information for real life experiences.” 

She cites her father as her greatest mentor and her experience planning an album release party for her idol, Christina Aguilera, as “the best day ever.” The life skills she would most recommend the younger generation learn are communication (“being a people person and being able to talk to anyone efficiently”), time management (“making sure you prioritize your time based on your needs”), organization (“details are highly important in the event world”), and creativity (“using innovation and creativity as a way to be unique in events is what will get experiences seen).”