Pollstar Impact NextGen: Justine Fields

Justine Fields

Senior Venue Success Specialist, Eventbrite
Age: 32

First Show
Green Day at Nassau Coliseum, 1994

It’s no secret that the modern independent live music industry faces plenty of challenges. “Eroding margins, industry consolidation, competing with Netflix to get people off the couch, an always-on work cycle, the list goes on,” explains ascendant Eventbrite staffer Justine Fields. “My job is to help our clients combat these challenges.” 

In her role, Fields, who has previously worked as a talent buyer and club marketer, collaborates with Eventbrite’s roster of venue and promoter partners across North America “to ensure they’re getting the most of the Eventbrite platform with regards to ticketing and running their business efficiently.”

The job puts her in contact with a range of industry figures, as she works to meet the complex needs of artists, agents, management, venues, promoters and fans. Fields spends much of her day searching for solutions to remedy what can be a long-unpleasant process of buying tickets, and says her job comes down to “making the attendance of a live show feel better for everyone involved.” Ultimately, she’s focused on finding shortcuts so promoters and venues can spend more time doing what they do best  – “putting stars on the stage and delivering kickass concerts.”