Pollstar Impact NextGen: Shirin Nury

Shirin Nury
– Shirin Nury

Shirin Nury

Music Touring Agent, CAA
Age: 29

Favorite Show Of 2019
HAIM at Pitchfork Festival

Shirin Nury’s roster includes artists like Ava Max, Amber Mark, Cherry Glazerr, Amy Allen, HAIM, Chromatics, Fletcher, NAO, Yellow Days, and a lot more. And while her 2019 was full of memorable experiences translating her clients’ artistic vision into a sustainable touring strategy, Nury said her greatest accomplishment has been mentoring the younger women in her company. 

“Knowing that I can empower the next generation of women executives is most important to me and gives me confidence that our business is progressing.” One of the pieces of advice she has for the up-and-coming is to “find your niche. When you can fill a void for your team, you become indispensable. 

Be prepared to embrace change and find opportunities in that change. The faster you can adapt, the better you’ll be.” Addressing the older generations, Nury emphasizes the need to increase diversity in younger hires, as “diverse teams invariably result in better business and at a time where the world feels more divided than ever. It is imperative that we prioritize inclusion.” 

Talking about the state of business, Nury said with so much saturation in the market and both time and money being limited forms of currency, “Different and dynamic live experiences are necessary as a means of survival. Artists that evolve and create a different, dynamic ecosystem for their fans to enter will ultimately stand the test of time.”