Patchwork Presents: Veteran Talent Buyer Dave Poe And Ineffable Music Team Up

Patchwork Presents
– Patchwork Presents

Veteran talent buyer Dave Poe and Ineffable music have announced Patchwork Presents, a joint venture teaming up to book and promote shows across the country including overseeing talent buying at The Criterion in Oklahoma City.

Patchwork Presents will oversee talent buying at the Criterion in Oklahoma City, which was No. 151 on Pollstar’s Top 200 Theatres chart of 2019, with more than 47,500 tickets reported sold at the 3,500-capacity, multi-configuration venue. Chad Whitehead joins Patchwork and books 1,000-capacity Tower and 500-capacity Beer City Music Hall in OKC.
Patchwork will also book the 1,000 capacity Tower Theatre and 500 capacity Beer City Music Hall in Oklahoma City, with Chad Whitehead as talent buyer, where he has served for a number of years.  Shelley Rowan will handle marketing director duties for Patchwork. 
While Oklahoma City is home to the company’s flagship venues, Poe tells Pollstar the company has relationships across the country and will be working with a host of venues in multiple markets. 
“I’m really excited to launch Patchwork Presents and team up with a company like Ineffable with such a professional staff and an impressive roster of clients, both in the venue and management space,” Poe says in a statement. “This is a venture I have been naturally progressing towards for the last 15 years in the industry, honing my skills in every facet of the live touring business. While The Criterion and Tower Theatre are flagship venues for us, I’m looking forward to developing underserved markets that need tailored expertise in this ever changing landscape.” 

Dave Poe
– Dave Poe
Poe began his career as an agent at The Agency Group, booking artists including The Green, Trevor Hall, and The Cat Empire. He also spent time with Nederlander Concerts, booking the Greek Theater, Vina Robles Amphitheater and San Jose Civic Auditorium, before moving to Knitting Factory, serving as VP of business development and senior talent buyer.
“Working at the [The Agency Group] and starting at the mail room I got a wealth of experience in the agency industry, but now as a buyer it gives me wonderful insight into how agents operate and what they’re looking for.,” Poe tells Pollstar. “It’s an advantage I can use while talent buying.”
“As consolidation evolves in the live music business through national tours and agencies, I believe we will start to see a natural deconsolidation, just like the ebbs and flows of any industry,” Poe says. “Starting my own company and developing the independent venue and talent buying model across the U.S. will set us up for those changing tides. Subsequently, we are seeing an increase in satellite bookings, where teams like mine can book competitive markets throughout the country with a professional local team on the ground, coupled with innovative marketing strategies to increase show count and attendance.”
Poe adds that independent venue owners around the country are looking for an independent alternative and that his company has the best strategy to increase show count and revenue. 
Ineffable Music group is an Oakland, Calif.-based music company that puts on more than 2,000 shows per year at venues including The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, Cornerstone in Berkeley and Mystic Theatre in Petaluma.
Ineffable co-founder and President Thomas Cussins says he is thrilled to partner with Dave Poe on the new venture.
“Dave Poe has become one of our favorite promoters and one of the talent buyers we respect most, and in keeping in our independent spirit, when Dave approached us about going out on his own, we couldn’t have been more excited to support him in that endeavor. We know he will continue bringing the best talent to top-notch venues around the country and will only serve to increase Ineffable’s footprint promoting shows in clubs, theatres, arenas and outdoor event sites. As always, our guiding principle has been working with good people who take care of artists first and foremost, and who have fundamental ethics that we stand behind.  We’ve seen this through Dave’s experience working with major venues and artists of all genres, including promoting some of our most valued management clients. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this new endeavor which we expect will become a very strong independent alternative for facilities of all sizes.”