Ticketing News From Europe: TicketSwap & Eventix Partner, SecuTix Acquires Oxynade

– TicketSwap
As with other closed-loop systems, the ticket may be transferred by sale to others but copies of the tickets cannot fall into the hands of wrong-doers.

TicketSwap & Eventix Partner
TicketSwap, a Netherlands-based ticket resale site that caps the resale price at a 20% mark-up, has added another ticketing provider to its list of partners: Eventix.
Tickets purchased from the Eventix ticketing system for participating events  can now be resold on TicketSwap. The tickets are only distributed to the buyers shortly before the start of an event, in order to shrink the opportunity for fraudsters to resell copies of the same ticket in other ways. 
The TicketSwap system exchanges an existing barcode for a new one when a ticket is transferred from one fan to another in a purchase. The original barcode is invalidated.
The resale price cap at 20% above the original sales price of the ticket i designed to discourage the for-profit resale of tickets.
The first event TicketSwap and Eventix are partnering on is Woodstock Opening in the Netherlands
Courtesy of Woodstock Opening
– The first event TicketSwap and Eventix are partnering on is Woodstock Opening in the Netherlands
This picture was taken at the 2018 edition

The TicketSwap Eventix partnership is being piloted with the festival Woodstock Opening in Bloemendaal, Netherlands, where tickets went on sale Jan. 7 and sold out almost immediately.
“We are really pleased to pilot this process with Eventix. This is a huge milestone for TicketSwap in our mission to fight fraud. The user experience is awesome because not only do buyers never need to worry about the validity of their ticket, you can sell your Eventix ticket in one click,” said TicketSwap CEO Hans Ober, who predicts, “there will be lots of enthusiasm for this way of selling in the coming period.”

SecuTix & Oxynade
– SecuTix & Oxynade

UEFA Ticketing Software Provider SecuTix Acquires Oxynade

Menawhile, SecuTix announced the acquisition of Oxynade, a Belgium based provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ticketing.
Frédéric Longatte, CEO of Switzerland-based SecuTix, believes that in a highly fragmented ticketing technology market, the acquisition of Oxynade’s eTicketing solution reinforces SecuTix’s position to offer ticketing technology services. 
The acquisition enables SecuTix, which has traditionally been focussed on large-scale clients like the UEFA, to also service small and mid-size ticketing organizations that require more agility to operate in a fast-paced technological environment.
Said Longatte: “I am delighted to welcome Oxynade to SecuTix’s portfolio. The combination of SecuTix 360° and the Oxynade [eTicketing-as-a-Service] eTaaS product provides a compelling and innovative set of solutions to smaller and mid-size clients across multiple verticals. 
“It also expands our existing geographical footprint to serve our northern European clients better.”
Hans Nissens, CEO and Founder of Oxynade, added: “We couldn’t be more pleased to be joining the SecuTix family. We believe that our eTaaS technology and self-service offering are highly complementary to SecuTix’s vision of establishing a new generation of ticketing solutions. 
“There are significant opportunities for SecuTix and Oxynade to achieve exponential growth by answering the industry needs at all levels and throughout multiple verticals on a global scale.”