Foo Fighters Park The Van, Promise To ‘Tear Sh*t Up’ On Return

Foo Fighters & tour manager Gus Brandt
Gideon Gottfried
– Foo Fighters & tour manager Gus Brandt
Foo Fighters present Gus Brandt with the award for tour manager of the year.

Foo Fighters join the ranks of artist announcing tour postponement, with the band having only recently announced its short “Van Tour 2020” excursion celebrating its 25th anniversary on the road.

Rescheduled April dates are Phoenix, from April 12 to Dec. 5; Albuquerque, N.M., April 14 to Dec. 3; and Oklahoma City, from April 16 to Dec. 1. Other April dates in Wichita, Kan.; and Knoxville, Tenn, are being rescheduled and information is “forthcoming,” as are dates originally scheduled in May.
Dave Grohl addressed his fans as only he can in making the announcement:

Hi, this is Dave. Remember me? The guy who wouldn’t even postpone a show when my goddamn leg was falling off?

Well… playing a gig with a sock full of broken bones is one thing, but playing a show when YOUR health and safety is in jeopardy is another…

We fuckin’ love you guys. So let’s do this right and rain check shit. The album is done, and it’s fuckin’ killer. The lights and stage are in the trucks, ready to go. The SECOND we are given the go ahead, we’ll come tear shit up like we always do. Promise. 

Now go wash your hands. 

Dave ​