Hanson’s Hop Jam Beer & Music Fest In Tulsa Canceled

Hanson Hop Jam

Hanson’s Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival out of Tulsa, OK is canceling its 7th annual confab slated for May 17 due to the public health and safety concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19.

The Hop Jam, which has attracted 30,000 attendees annually since its inception in 2014, will bring the fest back in 2021.

“As we all reflect on the reality of these unprecedented events we want to be good stewards of our community, so we have decided, after much consideration, to cancel Hop Jam 2020,” the fest organizers said a statement on their website. “The good news amidst all the chaos is we have the opportunity to plan and prepare for Hop Jam 2021, and use the time to cultivate the best gathering of craft beer and music we have ever assembled, Hop Jam will return 23 May 2021!

Shane Bevel / For The Washington Post via Getty Images
– Hanson
leaves the stage after playing at Hop Jam in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 21, 2017. The band hails from Tulsa.

“The Hop Jam is all about bringing people together around things we love, great music, craft beer and building community. Over the last six years of events we have seen that incredible community come together to help establish the largest and most diverse craft beer and music event in Oklahoma. During a time like this ALL of us are limited in our ability to share many of the things we love. We plan to keep sharing with others the great music and craft beer that we discover in 2020 and we encourage everyone to do the same!

The annual Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival  was founded in 2014 by Hanson, made up of three brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, and their Hanson Brothers Beer Company. The festival features international brewers, top artists and guests from more than thirty countries. Last year’s bill included Hanson, Phantom Planet, The Weeks, Wilderado and Duncan Fellows.

For more  information go to TheHopJam.com