Alana Balden, Manager, Full Stop Management

– Alana Balden

Alana Balden

Manager, Full Stop Management 

Alana Balden over the last year or so guided one of the most influential next generation artists to the stratosphere – i.e. two songs in the Top 10 of the Hot 100, where one sat at No. 1 for seven weeks; eight Grammy nominations and three wins; and a sold-out North American and European tour that included selling 75K tickets in seven minutes to the Houston Rodeo. This Balden accomplished by leaning deeply into Lizzo’s magnanimous and brilliant artistry. 

“In the beginning with Lizzo, we were constantly told by people that they ‘just didn’t get her,’” she says. “We navigated this by inviting anyone and everyone out to a show. “Her stage presence and showmanship is up there with some of  the greatest of all time, and her live show is an integral part of her success. All you need to do is get her in the room with someone – whether it’s a conference room or an arena – and she will win them over.” 

Balden says she “learned from the best” working with co-manager Kevin Beisler as well as Full Stop co-founder Brandon Creed. “Not only have they taught me a lot about this business, but they continue to lift me up, encourage my growth and ALWAYS have my back. I have never felt so empowered in a workplace.”  

As for women execs who impacted her, she says there were “many strong women leading the industry, taking charge and setting the standard for today and tomorrow’s business. Julie Greenwald, Sylvia Rhone, Jody Gerson and Michelle Jubelirer to name a few.” 

Ultimately, there was just one supernova who may have influenced Balden most. “Lizzo is also a role model,” says Balden. 

“I’ve never met a more talented or hardworking person. We released an album, performed at Coachella and started a tour all within a week. Her dedication and professionalism is incomparable. She is a smart businesswoman and has such a clear vision. Watching her navigate this industry inspires me every day.”


Your first show and favorite show of all time?
First:  Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again Tour @ The Forum – Los Angeles
Favorite: Flaming Lips @ Shrine – Los Angeles
New technology you use most?
Geographical breakdowns of fans on DSP’s and social media. This has been an extremely useful tool, especially when routing tours, sorting promo schedules, etc etc.  
Where can you be found during a show?
No two shows are the same. Being a manger, you sometimes have to be everywhere at once. You could find me at front of house or backstage making sure things run smoothly and notes have been properly addressed. Other times you’ll find me watching the show with so many of our incredible partners and teammates. Every day brings something new!
Who would you nominate for this list and why?
Leslie Olenik from Live Nation and Michele Bernstein from WME. These women are leaders in their field and I am inspired by their work and have learned so much from them both.