Carole Kinzel, Agent, CAA

– Carole Kinzel

Carole Kinzel

Agent, Creative Artists Agency

Carole Kinzel is considered one of the leading agents in music, working with and representing major artists including Radiohead, Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Tori Amos, Matchbox Twenty and many others. She chalks up her success to hard work, having an eye for talent and knowing her place in the live music ecosystem. 

“I am just here to help nurture and develop their careers,” Kinzel says. However, “time management is always my biggest challenge and I still do not navigate that as well as I should.” 

Things have changed since Kinzel got her start in the business, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

“It is a totally different business from when I started and I will admit much more stressful and not as much fun,” she says. “But we are also smarter in the way we do business and continue to adapt to the changes. We offer our clients a greater range of services and opportunities and will continue to grow in that direction and will continue to be successful in this way.” 

She also notes the trend of national tours, which many have said could erode the agent’s influence. “The trend toward national touring deals is something that will also continue, but we remain the artists’ advocates in this scenario and continue to protect their interests within that dynamic.” 

As her mentors, she notes industry mainstay (and now Nederlander Concerts CEO) Alex Hodges, former CAA head of music Tom Ross and current head Rob Light and pioneering agent Barbara Skydel, “who proved a woman could do this job and be at the top of the game regardless of gender.” To women wanting to excel in the agency world, her advice is simple: “Come to CAA!  The opportunities for women are abundant here.”


 1) Your first show and favorite show of all time?   Cream and Terry Reid at the Philadelphia Spectrum decades ago.  The stage revolved!  I have too many favorite shows to name but all of them are artists I represent. I am very lucky in that regard.

 2) New technology you use most?  My ipad!

 3) Where can you be found during a show?  At the sound board.

 4) Who would you nominate for this list and why?  Marlene Tsuchii.  She has great musical sensibilities and has an entrepreneurial talent.  And she is a wonderful and supportive friend, not only to me but to so many women wanting to break through in this business.

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