Cheryl Paglierani, Agent, UTA

– Cheryl Paglierani

Cheryl Paglierani

Agent, UTA

Cheryl Paglierani continues her victory lap after accepting this year’s Pollstar Award as superstar client Post Malone was crowned the winner for Best Hip-Hop Tour. 

She’s guided and built the still-rising star from “White Iverson” curiosity just a couple  of years ago to bonafide year-round arena-headlining pop culture celebrity, with no sign of slowing down.  

Paglierani, who jokingly thanked herself on stage when accepting the award for the win during the February ceremony, has clearly earned the accolades, and credits her competitive nature. 

“Being an agent is similar to playing a sport – it takes hard work and years of practice to master your craft,” she says. “Once you have it down, then you need to show up every day and compete to win. The competitive aspect is a huge part of what drives me.” 

She’s also been an example of the talent agency’s increasingly  diverse role in creating new opportunities for artists. “I am extremely proud of the work we have done with Posty Fest,” she says. 

As a touring agent, helping to develop a festival isn’t typically a part of our everyday routine, but it really required me to step outside of my comfort zone. Having witnessed the festival become so successful and double in size in our second year was truly an incredible feeling.” 

Her advice for the next generation of concert industry women is to “Keep going. There have been many times in my career where I thought things might not work out and have considered changing career paths. If this is really what you want to do, you have to keep going.” 

Some who helped her get there include mentors like Dina LaPolt and Lou Taylor, “both badasses and incredibly successful women who I am also lucky to call friends.” Going forward, “I see things only continuing to grow in the live business. Hip hop isn’t going anywhere and I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve in this new digital era.”

Hot Takes:
1) Your first show and favorite show of all time? 

The first show that I still have a clear memory of going to is Puff Daddy & the Family in 1997. My favorite show of all time is Janet Jackson on the “If“ tour…I was obsessed with Janet growing up.

2) New technology you use most? 
My AirPods.

3) Where can you be found during a show? 
Somewhere in the audience watching.

4) Who would you nominate for this list and why? 
Jacqueline Reynolds-Drumm. She’s a female agent I truly admire.