Judi Marmel, Co-Founder And Partner, Levity Live

– Judi Marmel

Judi Marmel

Co-Founder And Partner, Levity Live 

As a longtime comedy manager and now Levity Live co-founder and partner, Judi Marmel has guided and inspired the careers of some of the world’s most beloved comedians. 

“I’ve often been told by my clients that I have a vision for them that is greater than the vision they have for themselves,” says Marmel, whose star-filled roster includes Sebastian Maniscalco, Whitney Cummings and Bert Kreischer. Marmel’s career dates back to the Comedy Corner, a local club in her hometown of Colorado Springs, Colo., where she worked the door and witnessed comics achieve success, spurring her into a management career. 

She soon blazed trails by creating a circuit through the heartland – states like Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska – for touring comics. Marmel’s devotion to mass appeal helps explain her success today, which includes a focus on the intimate connection between comic and audience. 

“I sell blue skies, so it’s only going to get bigger!” she says, predicting live comedy’s future. “It’s also going to get even more driven by their talent and their ability to connect to an audience. Social media has given comedians direct access to their fans, and the ones who are sharing a unique message and connecting with their audience will have the utmost power.” 

Marmel’s work ethic would put most to shame – she says she has a 24-hour text chain with clients and her team, and often sits at the back of the house during shows, “visualizing how to present and sell what they’re talking about the next morning” – but she’s also careful to thank the team and talent surrounding her. 

“The biggest challenge has been finding a group of people to surround myself with who are equally as ambitious, thoughtful, fearless, and thrive when given opportunities,” she says. “I am so proud of the team we’ve built at Levity and the collaborative nature of everyone.”

Hot Takes:

Your first show and favorite show of all time?
Sam Kinison at the Comedy Store, 1986; Sebastian Maniscalco at Madison Square Garden, 2019

Who would you nominate for this list and why? 
Heidi Feigin at UTA. She has impeccable taste, a tireless work ethic and moreover she’s a reliable team player who carries herself with integrity, honesty and kindness.

Where can you be found during a show?
if it’s a client, sitting in the back of the room visualizing how to present and sell what they’re talking about the next morning.

New technology you use most?
Texting. I have a 24 hour text chain with my clients and the team to field any questions or issues.