Marsha Vlasic, President, Artist Group International

– Marsha Vlasic

Marsha Vlasic

President, Artist Group International

A legend like Marsha Vlasic needs only a limited introduction, and is a big part of why she’s included on this list, long known as a staunch advocate for a host of powerful artists, such as longtime clients like Neil Young, Elvis Costello, The Strokes, Iggy Pop, Regina Spektor and many others. 

“First of all, I adore every single one of my artists,” she has said. “There is not an artist I represent that I don’t want to see live, that I don’t want to be friends with, that I don’t feel comfortable having lunch with or an intimate conversation. I have very unique relationships with my artists.” 

Vlasic got her start in the ‘70s, and at American Talent International became one of very few female agents at the time in an industry that is still largely male-dominated. 

“I learned that I had to fight really hard for who I believed in,” Vlasic told Pollstar previously. “I believed in myself. I believed I was competent and capable of performing the job and had to go about convincing people so that they would work with me and trust me.” 

Looking back on her pioneering career Vlasic is thankful how things turned out and is still using her natural abilities to lead the business. “I feel incredibly fortunate,” she says. “I don’t have any musical background, I don’t have any musical education, but what I have is street smarts and instinct.”