Nadia Prescher, President, Madison House

– Nadia Prescher

Nadia Prescher

President, Madison House

Based in Boulder, Colo., Madison House provides management and booking services for more than 300 clients from locations in Nashville, Ann Arbor, Mich., Oakland and Pacific Grove, Calif. Prescher serves on the Board of Directors of the Rex Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by members of the Grateful Dead and friends based in San Francisco. 

They are currently adjusting their 2020 grant plans to help those struggling with COVID-19 crisis. She also serves on the board of HeadCount, a non-partisan, non-profit organization focused on voter registration and inspiring participation in democracy through the power of music.  

Prescher says “HeadCount is doing critical work, now more than ever in this crisis, and has registered over 600,000 voters. “ 

Prescher also serves on the task force of Backline, the music industry’s mental health and wellness resource hub. “This global crisis has hit the entertainment industry hard, especially those who were already living paycheck to paycheck,” says Prescher.  “A few organizations that are doing key work in this area are Backline, MusiCares To Write Love On Her Arms and there are many more. Find them and support them, because we need them, especially now.” 

She is a mother to two music-loving children, ages 13 and 15, and she also enjoys motorcycles (old and new). Prescher got her first taste of the concert life as a child.  

“My mother used to play me the Stones, Ella, Nina, Buddy Holly, Steely Dan and The Beatles, but I didn’t get to my first concert until I was about 10 years old and it was Willie Nelson at Poplar Creek,” she explains. “Up to that point, my mom and I didn’t have enough money to attend a concert (until she remarried). I remember thinking, ‘Why is he playing “Whiskey River” again?’  My stepdad explained it.   Willie is just so special.  “My heart is breaking for so many during this intense time. I am looking forward to rejoining our musical community in person when we get through this.”