Nicole Feld, Executive Vice President, Feld Entertainment

– Nicole Feld
Nicole Feld

Executive Vice President, Feld Entertainment 

Nicole Feld joined the family business in 2001 as an assistant producer for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and has since led the creative vision and strategy for productions including Disney On Ice, Sesame Street Live! and Monster Energy AMA Supercross. With a background in photography, Feld has been able to apply her visual talent to show production and creating spectacular and entertaining productions for kids and adults alike and has become a thought leader in the family entertainment space. 

Last year’s “Disney on Ice presents ‘Road Trip Adventures’” was among her most ambitious accomplishments yet, providing innovative audience participation opportunities. “All the consumer research we’ve done on Gen Z and millennial families indicates to us that they want to interact with the shows; they want to participate,” Feld said. “We’re looking at things like fun zones and magic zones. We want to take more people from the audience and put them in the show.” Before Feld Entertainment acquired monster truck Monster Jam in 2008, it played 31 events in 18 international cities; in 2019, it played 122 events in 46 international cities. Next up will be the all-new Monster Jam All-Star Challenge in October at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, where Feld said a merchandising partnership with Walmart will pay off big time. 

Feld Entertainment was founded by Irvin Feld in 1938, and the family business ethos has been a constant through its 80-plus-year history. Her father, Kenneth Feld, leads the company and instilled that in Nicole. 

“The most important lesson I learned from my father is that the guest is always right and to listen closely to what they have to say,” Feld said. “The value of the fan experience is pervasive throughout our company culture. We have been successful for half a century by really listening to and learning from our fans about what their expectations are for a live event experience. We have continued to evolve each Feld Entertainment event to meet the values of today’s modern consumer.”