Yves C Pierre, Agent, ICM Partners

– Yves Pierre

Yves C Pierre

Agent, ICM Partners

After making agent at ICM Partners in 2016, Yves Pierre  is proud today to be bringing her clients – including Migos,  Lil Yachty and Lil Baby – to some of the absolutely biggest stages our industry has to offer.

She says she is most proud that,  “Millions of fans get to experience their favorite artists because of  the work that I do.” 

She has had to learn a few tough lessons along the way to the  success she currently enjoys, though. 

Pierre said she has had to learn to find value in positive criticism,  to accept that not everyone is her friend, and that trial and error paired with patience has allowed her to overcome all obstacles. 

“Above all, I believe all we have is our word to our clients,  colleagues and the people that we deal with on a daily basis,”  Pierre says. “I’m a firm believer in ‘Do what you say and say what you mean,’  and this principle has proven to be the key that opens all the  doors.” 

She suggests young women trying to enter the business make sure they have a strong support system and an outlet outside of the business that they love as much as their career. 

When asked for role models, she shouted out former Roc Nation president Chaka Pilgrim and Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Mignon Espy- Edwards, who gave her a start in the music industry. 

“[They] gave me my first jobs in the music business and that gift isn’t lost on me. I’m trying to pay their gift of opportunity forward every day.” Once the business gets back to some form of normal, Pierre predicts agents will be more involved in artists’ careers before the concerts even start happening.

Hot Takes 

Your first show and favorite show of all time?
My favorite show to date might be Beyoncé & Jay Z On the Run II Tour.  The production was phenomenal.
My 1st show was BBD show…I think…it was so many many many years ago.

New technology you use most?
The new airpods….I’m always on myphone.

Where can you be found during a show?
In the crowd watching with the fans.

Who would you nominate for this list and why?
Jacqueline Reynolds Drumm – I wouldn’t be in the trenches with anyone else and I know first hand and her work ethic and drive.