Live Nation Brings Drive-In Concerts To Denmark

Drive-in Live
– Drive-in Live
Live Nation is promoting live shows in various drive-in theaters across Denmark

Live Nation today announced the “Drive In – Live” tour, which will visit four Danish cities between May and June.

The tour will stop by Copenhagen, Herning, Aalborg, Odense and Aarhus. Confirmed Danish artists include L.O.C., popular Danish radio show Mads & Monopolet as well as family entertainer Onkel Reje.
The events will offer room for 600 cars per show and are designed to comply with all official restrictions. The audience will be placed further away from the stage than at a traditional concert, according to the announcement, the combination of an extra high stage and three screens will ensure a good viewing experience for everyone. 
Sound will be distributed via the car radio. Prices vary from event to event, the ticket cost is per car, with up to 5 people per vehicle. Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be available to buy at all events.
In the Danish capital of Copenhagen, where events will take place between May 20 and June 1, the P19 parking space of Copenhagen Airpot will be converted into a drive-in theater. It’s the first time that the area at Copenhagen Airport is used for concerts, according to local press.
The drive-in theater in Düsseldorf, Germany
– The drive-in theater in Düsseldorf, Germany
There’s no PA system during the concerts. The sound is transmitted to FM radios in the cars.

The drive-in theater solution first made news in Düsseldorf, Germany, where D.Live opened up the the theater it operates for concerts, family shows, a circus and a wedding, and even a rave, promoted by BigCityBeats – which even elicited praise from Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, who tweeted about it at the time: “Germany’s BigCityBeats Hosted The World’s First ‘Drive-In Rave’.”

The “Drive In – Live” concept is a co-operation between CPH Airport, Live Culture, Aalborg Culture partners, MCH Herning and Live Nation Denmark. 
Nicki Quist, head of culture at the exhibition center in Herning, sai ,”In a time of closure and distance, we welcome the fact that Live Nation makes it possible to experience live events, in a different, popular and safe way, throughout the country.”
Live Culture CEO and director Juul Møller added, “Right now there is a need for creativity and innovation in the music industry. Both artists and fans long to be able to gather and enjoy music in a safe way, so we warmly welcome the collaboration with Live Nation, and we look forward to giving all the people some great live experiences this summer.”
Christian Krage from Live Nation Denmark commented: “At a time when all spring events have been canceled or rescheduled, the Danes are hungry for concerts and family entertainment, so ‘Drive In – Live’ is a new way for us to bring live experiences to the fans, whilst taking all the official recommendations into account.”