Disco Donnie Presents Announces ‘No Parking On The Dance Floor’ Drive-In Music Experience

No Parking On The Dance Floor
– No Parking On The Dance Floor
Disco Donnie Presents is bringing a socially-distanced dance party to Houston later this month with a drive-In music experience featuring Riot Ten, SubDocta and Bailo. 
An announcement from the promoter about the May 29th “No Parking On The Dance Floor” show at H Town’s Showboat Drive-In refers to it as the inaugural event in the series so fans can expect more drive-in fun to come. 
Each event will be “curated specifically to regional tastes and focusing on providing new ways for fans to enjoy their favorite artists while observing social distancing.”
Fans are encouraged to bring their quarantine partners – “maybe even your parents for their first ‘rave’” – and to get into the dance spirit by dressing up, decorating vehicles and (safely) tailgating. 
A parking permit and a driver ticket starts at $42.50 plus a service fee, while passenger tickest start at $22.50. 
The 18+ event includes a number of social distancing guidelines to make sure the event is safe during the pandemic, with a maximum of six people per vehicle.  
Fans are allowed to be outside their vehicle but must stay within the width of the car and cannot dance or group with anyone outside of their vehicle. Guests are asked to bring a mask and wear it at all times outside the vehicle.
Bathrooms will be available and be disinfected every 10 minutes by staff, who will monitor the bathroom and lines to ensure social distancing is observed. 
Concessions will offer nonalcoholic beverages and food via mobile ordering. Fans are also allowed to bring their own water, snacks and beverages (but must follow Texas traffic laws, including open containers of alcohol). 
While many in the dance community known PLUR as a set of principles lifting up Peace Love Unity and Respect, Disco Donnie encourages fans to follow a new definition of PLUR: 
Practice social distancing.
Look out for each other. 
Use air hugs not real hugs.
Respect the rules and guidelines put in place.
Fans can tweet requests about where the next “No Parking On The Dance Floor” should take place with the hashtags  #NoParkingParty and #SaveTheRave.
Already on the books is a June 6 event called “Rare Road Rave” at Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando featuring Carnage, Riot Ten, Blunts & Blondes, Nitti Gritti and GRAVEDGR. 
In April Disco Donnie Presents once again became fully independent as founder James “Disco Donnie” Estopinal bought out previous owner LiveStyle to regain sole ownership.