‘I Am Home’: Brandi Carlile Shares Her Journey To Madison Square Garden

Road to the Garden
Courtesy MSG
– Road to the Garden

Brandi Carlile’s landmark, sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden on September 14 was proof that, as Carlile says, anyone can attain the world’s most famous arena stage if they dream big enough.

The singer-songwriter teamed with MSG to produce an inspiring video series taking viewers backstage, with Carlile and bandmates Phil and Tim Hanseroth – affectionately known by fans as “the twins” – giving a personal tour of her journey through shows at Beacon Theatre and Radio City Music Hall to Madison Square Garden.

“There’s not a nerdy little outcast with a guitar in the world that doesn’t dream of what I’m seeing right now,” she says from the MSG stage, and in the series she shows her fans exactly that. Carlile shares raw and candid commentary about the career milestone and her experiences getting there.

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“I always felt really partnered with MSG in that way because it feels really strategic from day one,” Carlile told Pollstar ahead of the show. “From the first Beacon [Theater] show, they’d always come and they’d say, ‘You’re going to be at MSG some day,’ and I’d just laugh. But I know they meant that and as much as I can dream big, I felt like the people at MSG saw it before I even saw it. They sort of chaperoned me through those years and through that process.”

“She has a creative vision, specifically around Madison Square Garden, which made it even more special,” Pfeffer added. “It looks like we’ll have another sold-out concert with Brandi Carlile at Madison Square Garden.”

And it was. Carlile had an advance sellout of 12,862 tickets sold for a gross of $749,447 with tickets priced from $19-$119 by the time she arrived at the celebrated venue for sound check.

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“It feels really right to have done it the right way, to have worked my way up with the appropriate gigs into being considered for an opening, to an actual opening slot, and into actually headlining Madison Square Garden,” Carlile says. “That trajectory is what really means the most to me.”