Logjam Presents Introduces Gift Card For Impacted Shows

Logjam Presents – Logjam Presents

Montana-based promoter Logjam Presents has introduced a gift card program for customers who purchased tickets to shows that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ticketholders have the option to exchange their ticket for gift cards worth 125% of the original ticket’s value. 

The gift cards can be used on future tickets, venue merch, and food or beverages at Logjam venues, including Wilma Theatre, Top Hat Lounge and Kettlehouse Amphitheatre. Logjam is also offering cash refunds by request for impacted events. 

“By electing to participate in the Ticket Exchange Program, not only will ticket holders be investing in the spirit of live music and supporting their local venues, they’ll receive an added benefit for doing so.  Choosing to receive a gift card in lieu of a refund will allow ticket funds to be used to revive local venues and in turn, the local community,” Logjam Presents said in a statement.

Applications for Logjam Presents gift cards are processed through the Ticket Exchange Program form, which can be found here. A list of Logjam Events affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here.

Logjam Presents owner Nick Checota spoke with Pollstar during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying: ““What I can tell you is I think anyone who thinks this is all over in 30-60 days is living in fantasy land. … There’s not going to be an immediate return to normalcy but in the long run it will return to a normal situation and our business will pick up where it left off hopefully.”

Logjam is hardly the only major company forced to make serious changes regarding refunds and coupons in light COVID-19 shutdown. Live Nation recently announced in April a ticket relief program that offered credits worth 150% of the stub’s original value, along with the option for refunds for cancelled shows and some postponed shows.

StubHub drew wide criticism in March when it decided to stopoffering refunds for cancelled shows. The company recently announced Sukhinder Singh Cassidy would be stepping down from her role as president and Jill Krimmel would step into the role of interim president.