50,000 Tickets Sold For Live Stream Concerts In The Netherlands

Durch singer Danny Vera performing at Amsterdam
Ben Houdijk
– Durch singer Danny Vera performing at Amsterdam
A ticket to the live streamed show cost €13.
Dutch promoters Friendly Fire teamed up with Festicket to host a paid livestream series with Kensington, Duncan Laurence, Danny Vera, Krezip and Ilse DeLange, June 17-21, at the maritime museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
More than 50,000 fans bought tickets, which went for €13 ($14.60) per show, grossing at least €650,000 ($731,000). Festicket CPO and co-founder Jonathan Younes told Pollstar that there was just one ticket category, but each show was ticketed separately. Those who wanted to watch multiple shows will have needed a seperate ticket to each.
“The shows were broadcast live and were unavailable to watch after. We all thought this the best way to make the experience unique, particularly given that we had a live chat that fans could comment in,” he explained. 
Kensington also featured on the lineup
Courtesy of Festicket
– Kensington also featured on the lineup
Ticket buyers had the option of joining a live chat.

Apart from the live set, artist also sat down for a Q&A led by Dutch TV presented Humberto Tan. Ticket buyers were given the option to send in one question to the Q&A.

Aside from the concert footage, the production production features panoramic shots of Amsterdam from above using drones, various angles showing the artists performing inside the museum.
Festicket believes that the demand for this concert series confirms the company’s recent “After Lockdown Survey,” which found that 58% of festival-goers would consider paying for a live stream.
“This take-up is reflective of the recent boom in live streams, and further demonstrates that when provided with a great lineup, a good location and high quality production, fans are more than happy to pay to watch and interact with their favorite artists,” a Festicket statement reads.
Said Younes: “This series was a lot of hard work but also a highly rewarding experience. Paid live streams are a new phenomenon for many, including us, but we tried to give ticket-holders the best user experience possible while continually learning from their feedback, and we’re now working with that to improve our technology to create an even more seamless online event experience.”