Global Night Time Recovery Plan Launched

House of Yes in NYC
@handlethebar and @chamaleonstache
– House of Yes in NYC
The club in Brooklyn has a first-come-first-serve table concept that helps people maintain distance.

Nightlife advocates, academics, stakeholders and planners from different cities across the world have collaborated on the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (GNRP), a practical guide that aims to provide cities and night-time scenes the knowledge and tools to re-open safely, intentionally, and equitably as their local timelines permit.

Spearheaded by VibeLab and, the first chapter of the GNRP explores the management of outdoor space and sound to create open-air nightlife that is both safe and feasible in the context of the global pandemic. 
The pent-up demand for social activity combined with the continued restrictions on indoor events made the outdoors the logical first area of concern for the GNRP.
The chapters are written to provide all members of the night-time
ecosystem the tools and inspiration to aid their cities in planning and executing responsible re-opening.
It is described by the initiators as “both a collaborative and flexible document,” that will be updated as circumstances change and new information becomes available.
Mark Adam Harold of the Vilnius Night Alliance in Lithuania took the lead on this first chapter, which draws on examples, challenges and ideas from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, New York City, NY, Orlando, FL, as well as Paris, France and others. 
Distancing measures in Berlin Brandenburg Gate.
Jason Krüger
– Distancing measures in Berlin Brandenburg Gate.

Vibelab’s global network of academics, editors and nightlife advocates edited the first chapter, which was created in consultation with Germany’s Fraunhofer-Institut.

Anyone interested in getting the lowdown on the GNRP can read and download the first chapter here.
There’ll also be a call with the authors on Tuesday, July 28th at 3 p.m. CET, for which interested parties can register here.