Middle East: Distanced Party Series, Jimmy Carr’s UAE Debut

Pyramid of Djoser.
– Pyramid of Djoser.
The egyptian landmark will serve as the backdrop for the next “Away To” live stream.

“Away To” The Saqqara Necropolis
Beirut-based music collective Factory People is realizing a series of live streamed parties across some of the region’s most spectacular sites, allowing people to attend and dance while maintaining the mandated distance.
Stay distant:
– Stay distant:
People are dancing in circles to avoid getting too close to each other.

Dubbed “Away To,” the party series focuses on up-and-coming DJs from the region, and takes place in different locations that are as obscure as they’re scenic in place including Egypt, Beirut and Dubai.

The next live stream will take place July 29 in the Saqqara Necropolis, in the courtyard in front of the Pyramid of Djoser. The DJs are at the heart of each venue, while dancers do their thing on a distanced dance floor and people at home get to tune in live.
The lineup for the July 29 live stream includes producers and musicians Chiati, who will perform live, 3Phaz and Ahmed Samy.
Factory People runs venues, promotes live events and produces other forms creative content, such as documentaries, features and concerts offering a glimpse into the music scene in the Middle East through its own platform Late Knights.
The whole project is supported by Creative State by Vuse.

Jimmy Carr
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images
– Jimmy Carr
On stage at Wembley Arena, March 6, 2013 in London, England.

Comedy Returns To The UAE

Meanwhile, Done Events, which is part of the Arab Media Group, announced that British comedian Jimmy Carr will visit the UAE for the first-time, Aug. 13-14.
Carr will give two performances at the Dubai World Trade Centre as part of the annual Dubai Summer Surprises Festival.  It marks the first comedy show with an international act since lockdown in the UAE.
Carr has sold over 400,000 tickets throughout Europe over the past eighteen months. Pollstar box office highlights include two sold out nights at the SEC Armadillo in Glasgow, Scotland, March 13-14, which grossed $220,206 with 5,826 tickets sold.
Commenting on his first-ever visit to the UAE, Carr said, he hoped “that everyone is ready for a laugh during these strange times!”
Both shows will follow the UAE Government’s latest COVID-19 Health & Safety guidelines which will be explained in full when tickets go on-sale next week.
The latest information will be published on the social channels of Dubai Summer Surprises and DXBLaughs, which is Done Events’ comedy department.
As matters now stand, promoters and audience will have to follow significant distancing guidelines at all times, Done Events’ live events manager Peter Green told Pollstar.
There will be only e-tickets available, there’ll be markings on display to ensure two meters of distance whenever people are queueing at the World Trade Centre.
Washroom capacities will be limited, which is why the Done Events team is considering opening nearby washroom in adjoining halls.
“With regards to the seating we are finalizing the capacity for each of the three sections as I type, which is subject to local authority approvals early next week,” Green explained.
Done Events MD Girish Bhat commented: “Challenging moments in history have always driven ingenuity and innovation. Our vision is to respond genuinely to the customers’ needs and make an impact during these difficult times. Done Events promises to deliver a safe experience following all the necessary health and safety protocols as well as social distancing arrangements.”
And Girish added, “Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood.”