‘The Other Mitch Slater’ Remembers His Summer Camp Bunkmate

Mitch Slater at Camp
Courtesty of Mitchell Slater
– Mitch Slater at Camp
Mitch Slater, future concert promoter (R) and Mitchell Slater, future financial advisor and podcaster, are bunkmates at Camp Winadu in 1969.

This photo, taken in the summer of ‘69 at Camp Winadu in the Berkshires, was always special to me. Imagine the irony of two kids having the same name becoming bunkmates. I remember we always got each other’s mail and laundry and for the two years we were both at Camp Winadu, it was always fun for me being around another Mitch Slater. I wound up spending seven wonderful summers in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

I learned that Mitch (on the right), who went on to have quite a career in the music Industry being mentored and eventually partnering with the great Ron Delesner, passed away. Over the years I only spoke with “the other Mitch” once and actually it was live on my radio show in New York in the ‘90s.

I can’t speak for the man he grew up to be, only the other kid at Camp who shared my name, but I feel very sad hearing this news and offer my condolences to his family and friends. When I heard the news of his passing I spent most of day searching for this one photo that I knew my father had taken and gave to my grandfather, who was our family archivist, and placed this in one of many photo albums he made of my first 18 years,

Rest In Peace, Mitch. I hope your name is forever a blessing. 

— Mitch Slater, Financially Speaking podcast, Stevie Van Zandt historian