Germany: Live Nation To Host 12,000-Cap Concert, Semmel Concerts Reopens Waldbühne

Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Peter Weihs/ D.LIVE
– Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf, Germany.
If all goes according to plan, the stadium will host the first large-scale concert in Germany since lockdown.

Live Nation Gives Live A Chance
Live Nation has announced a the first large-scale concert in Germany since the country went on lockdown in March. Scheduled for Sept. 4 at Merkur Spiel-Arena, the bill features Bryan Adams, Sarah Connor, Rea Garvey and more, as part of its global Return To Live campaign.
The Bosshoss, Joris and Michael Mittermeier complete the bill.
The concert is supposed to mark the return to live for Live Nation in Germany, where it runs under the title “Give Live A Chance!”  The concert, while not economical, is meant to be a beacon of hope, according to Live Nation GSA CEO Marek Lieberberg. Lieberberg told Pollstar that the only way to revive the live industry would be to return in 2021 with the shows that were cancelled this year and at full capacity.
The venue, Düsseldorf’s Merkur Spiel-Arena, usually able to hold 66,500 people in its concert configuration, will operate at reduced capacity to allow for “a comprehensive health, hygiene and safety program,” according to the announcement from Live Nation.
It’s going to be an all-seated concert, which will make sure that guests maintain the mandated distance. They will have to wear face masks and register their contact details when buying their tickets. 
Alcohol will be banned on site, ticket holders will be given tiered entry and exit time slots. The waiting areas outside the stadium will be larger than usual, “regular disinfecting and additional hygiene precautions” will be in place as well.
Lieberberg commented: “The fans, artists, and crew, as well as the entire music industry, have been eagerly awaiting this moment. We are opening the door for the return of live music which now has the opportunity to resume after the unpredicted intermission. We know that fans are enthusiastic to experience live music once again, and we’re excited to be able to bring them that opportunity.”
While the 16 German states all have slightly differing approaches to reopening the country, it seems to be the political consensus that large events can go ahead from September under tight controls.
Waldbühne Berlin
– Waldbühne Berlin
The scenic venue will host 5,000 people for concerts from September.

Semmel Concerts Reopens Waldbühne
Live Nation isn’t the only promoter gearing up for the return of live music in Germany. Semmel Concerts, part of CTS Eventim, has announced that it would begin hosting concerts again at the Waldbühne in Berlin, which can be operated at a capacity of 5,000 people in line with Covid restrictions. 
The first two shows to be announced were Roland Kaiser on Sept. 4, which sold out so quickly that a second date was added Sept. 3, and Sido on Sept. 5. Other confirmed acts include Helge Schneider (Sept. 6) and Wincent Weiss (Sept. 18). Semmel Concerts developed a comprehensive hygienic concepts with the venue operators and security personnel.
Semmel Concerts CEO Dieter Semmelmann told Pollstar: “We’ve had many positive reactions about us realizing these concerts. We sold 10,000 tickets for the first five shows in 12 hours.
“These concerts are about sending a signal: a sign of life from the live-music industry, and a signal  our audiences have been waiting for impatiently. We have a responsibility, also towards our artists, and after months with an occupational ban in place, we are fighting for the survival of a whole industry with hundreds of thousands of employees, who depend on it directly or indirectly.”
Waldbühne Berlin ranked ten in Pollstar’s Year End Top 100 Amphitheater Venues in 2019 with a total of 228,908 tickets sold and $13,982,548 grossed, according to our box office reports.