Restricted Colours Of Ostrava Festival Cut Short By Further Restrictions

La Putyka at Colours of Ostrava
– La Putyka at Colours of Ostrava
The Czech contemporary circus company kicked off the festival, which got cut short mid-way.

Colours of Ostrava, the biggest international music festival in the Czech Republic, was in the middle of celebrating a Covid-proof edition, July 15-18, when local health authorities forced it to cancel.
At the end of May, the political leadership of the Czech Republic had given the go-ahead for events of up to 1,000 visitors. At which point the promoters  around festival director Zlata Holušová began to plan a small-scale, Covid-proof edition, and call it NeFestival (NonFestival) Colours of Ostrava.
Just like the attending audience, the concert lineup was massively reduced due to Europe’s travel restrictions. Colours 2020 ended up being a mix of circus, concerts and light shows.
Cirk La Putyka, the leading Czech contemporary circus company, kicked off the first night, featuring 45 acrobats, performers, dancers and guest artists.
The show was live streamed to an audience watching online. Czech band Tata Bojs closed the night.
“Sadly, the third and the fourth NonFestival night never happened,” according to a statement from the promoters, which continues:
“With no prior warning, the local health authorities reduced the maximum number of people allowed at events in the region from 1,000 to 100, with immediate effect. 
“Under such conditions, the NonFestival had to be cancelled immediately, putting the organizers as well as everyone in the supply chain and about 350 associated workers in an extremely precarious situation.”