Hannibal Buress, Brian Regan Add Drive-In Dates With Promoters Hotbox + Outback Presents

Following runs by one-man “Loop Daddy” band Marc Rebillet and shirtless comedian Bert Kreischer, two more popular comedians have added drive-in tour dates through the same promoter.

Hannibal Buress’ “Let’s See How This Goes” run takes in six dates in late September, wrapping with two shows in the comic’s native Chicago Sept 27.  The dates come after his latest comedy special, “Miami Nights” was released for free in July.
Also quietly adding dates through the promoter is comedian Brian Regan, with three October dates on the books., with Fort Collins, Colo., Tulsa, Olka., and Kansas City, Mo.,  Oct. 10-14.
The announcements come after Rebillet’s first-of-its-kind drive-in tour announced in May (see Pollstar cover story) and Bert Kreischer’s Hot Summer Nights smash hit, which grossed $413,957 on six shows, as reported to Pollstar. 
The comedian said he would be telling his comedian buddies how great the experience was.
“I’m going to reach out to all of my friends and go, ‘Come experience this with me and have fun. Experience what standup is like at this moment. It’s never going to be like this again, hopefully, but it’s so cool.’
He also praised the production quality.
“The production value was through the fucking roof,” Kreischer said. “They’re doing a three-camera shoot, wide, tight, editing on the go on the big screen, everyone’s got the audio feed running right into their cars. It was so well produced, I was blown away.”
“After Fort Collins (Colorado, the final show), I called and said, “This is a fucking home run,  please line up more of these.”