Germany: DEAG And CTS Eventim Adjust Ticketing Systems To Accommodate Distancing Mandates

DEAG and CTS Evetim have both announced changes made to their ticketing systems, in order to accommodate the distancing mandates currently in place across the world.

Germany has extended the ban on large events until the end of this year, applying to any event of a size that makes contact tracing and the observance of hygiene regulations impossible.
To offer at least some relief to promoters, many of whom have been placed in dire straits by the latest government announcement, both DEAG and CTS Eventim have updated their respective ticketing systems. 
Both companies introduced algorithms to their systems, which automatically suggests seats to ticket buyers that have the required distance to other guests.
Ticket buyers can still manually select the seats they would like, in which case the seats around a group of people that’s allowed to purchase multiple tickets, will be blocked automatically.
Both companies also introduced functions that’ll help promoters track their visitors post-event.
DEAG’s MyTicket system, for instance, offers different functions to personalize tickets, which can be utilized to trace them back. If customers purchase tickets for a third party, they need to fill out a questionnaire, which will enable “gapless contact tracing of all visitors,” according to a company statement.
In this example, courtesy of DEAG, seats 23 and 24 were booked first and the six surrounding seats automatically blocked.
Courtesy of DEAG
– In this example, courtesy of DEAG, seats 23 and 24 were booked first and the six surrounding seats automatically blocked.
75, 77, 79 were booked next, seven more surrounding seats blocked, etc. The thick squares mark the latest order of eight, which will lead to fiver more seats being blocked automatically.

Questionnaires can be adjusted by the promoters themselves, in case government demands change. The system also allows for the creation of different time slots in order to regulate visitor flow.

CTS Eventim has introduced new software called Eventim.CheckIn. “By using this newly developed software, visitors to events can have their personal data conveniently recorded from their mobile phone, either in advance or directly on admission to the respective event. Personal details are stored on Eventim servers and later deleted in accordance with data protection regulations,” a company statement explains.

The company has also been using personalized tickets for a long time, ever since promoters started using them as viable solutions to curb unauthorized ticket resale. If tickets are personalized with the holder’s name, visitor data can be obviously logged automatically during the sales process.
Both variants, according to CTS Eventim, “ensure that if any coronavirus infections occur in connection with an event, the contact data of all the visitors potentially affected is rapidly transmitted electronically to the
local health authority – without having to comb through innumerable forms filled in by hand, with all the proneness to error that involves.”
Alexander Ruoff, Chief Operations Officer at CTS Eventim, commented, “When cultural life is resumed step by step with concerts and events, visitor data logging and compliance with minimum distancing will pose ever greater challenges not only for promoters, but also for visitors. 
“Both sides want simple solutions. As a high-performing developer of ticketing software, CTS Eventim delivers the solutions that are needed. We are glad that visitors and organizers of events can feel safer thanks to our IT competence.”