Spotify Partners With Songkick, Ticketmaster To Integrate Virtual Event Listings

Courtesy Spotify
– Spotify Virtual Events
Spotify introduced integration of virtual event listings in conjunction with Songkick and Ticketmaster on Tuesday.

Spotify announced a partnership with Songkick and Ticketmaster Tuesday that will introduce integration of virtual event listings to the streaming platform.

Effective immediately, the “On Tour” tabs of Spotify artist profiles will include scheduled virtual events on any platform. So will Spotify’s Concerts hub, which will provide listeners with complete listings for upcoming virtual events.

Spotify is encouraging artists to list future streams through Songkick, because events uploaded through the service will subsequently populate Spotify artist pages automatically; artists can also designate any of these events as an “Artist Pick.” Some Ticketmaster events will also appear automatically on the Spotify hub.

Spotify will also provide users personalized event recommendations using the virtual listings data.

To find the Concerts hub, users can follow the Browse tab on desktop or the Search tab on mobile – or go to an artist’s profile.