FKP Scorpio Hires Johanna Beckman In Sweden

Johanna Beckman
Märta Thisner
– Johanna Beckman
Senior Creative Curator & Promoter at FKP Scorpio Sweden.

FKP Scorpio has strengthened its Swedish booking department by hiring Johanna Beckman as senior creative curator and promoter.

In her 17-year career in the Swedish music industry, Beckman worked as a talent buyer, manager for acts like Dungen and Jenny Wilson, and arranged both concerts and festivals.
Most recently, she’s been creative director at the venue Trädgården / Under Bron.
Beckman is also known for developing and programming the boutique Gagnef Festival, named after the town it takes place in. She was also involved in starting up the artist collective Ingrid and is currently booking acts for Norway’s talent festival and music conference By:Larm. 
“It feels super exciting to take on this assignment – to have the opportunity to arrange concerts and events in various sizes, and at the same time being able to use my broad knowledge when it comes to booking fun programs,” commented Beckman.
“It’s brave of FKP Scorpio to invest during the current situation and I’m extremely exhilarated to be involved in developing the company,” she added.
FKP Scorpio Sweden MD Božo Rasic added, “Johanna is well known for her great instinct when it comes to creating good programs, something we look forward to developing.”
FKP Sweden turns 10 next year.