Live Nation Urban Announces Black Tour Directory, Promoting Inclusivity In Live Events

Live Nation Urban has announced The Black Tour Directory, a comprehensive industry resource developed to bolster inclusivity and expand opportunities for Black professionals and Black-owned companies in the world of live music.
This directory lists hundreds of qualified, experienced and trusted Black tour managers, production managers, sound engineers, lighting experts, stage and set designers, stage managers, techs, travel agents, caterers, tour accountants, bus companies, security staff, and more. 
The listings are available on its official site, where Live Nation Urban President Shawn Gee hosted a special “Backstage With Crew Nation” roundtable with noted industry professionals touching on the subject, including Curtis Battles [Founder, CEO of Curtis Battles Production], Tina Farris [Founder, CEO of Tina Farris Tours], Victor Reed Sr. [Founder, CEO of Global Event Production Network], and Michael “Huggy” Carter [Founder, CEO of MCG Productions].
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“When Jenifer Smith from Live Nation Concerts and NyAsia Burris from my team came to me with this idea, I thought it was genius and absolutely necessary,” Gee said in the announcement. “There are several amazing resource groups that exist like Roadies of Color, Diversify The Stage, Black Promoters Collective and many others, and we all have one common goal, to make sure once live entertainment returns at scale, there are more opportunities that exist for Black people, and all underrepresented groups of people, throughout the touring industry, particularly in technical and production positions.”
Added Jenifer Smith, Live Nation Director of Tour Marketing, “I felt it was important to create accessibility to people of color that specialize in these fields in order to help diversify live events beyond the stage. As a Black woman working in the music and live events space for over 12 years, I understand the importance of representation within the industry. Using our platform as the leading promoter in the world,  Live Nation has the ability to help change  the narrative  and to provide a powerful  resource for the industry.”
The Black Tour Directory enables festivals, producers, promoters, vendors, and venues to live up to an industrywide promise of inclusivity with a straightforward solution to diversifying the road once and for all.