‘A Chance To Connect’: Carl Cox Performs In VR

Carl Cox will share his knowledge of what makes dancefloors magical with the team at Sensorium.
Sensorium Corporation
– Carl Cox will share his knowledge of what makes dancefloors magical with the team at Sensorium.

Carl Cox is collaborating with the Sensorium Corporation to create a series of shows on the company’s PRISM VR platform.

By the company’s own admission, the fact that artists of such a caliber – David Guetta has also collaborated – are joining Sensorium Galaxy outlines several important things: “With COVID-19 cases on the rise, artists are aggressively looking for alternative media platforms to stay in touch with their fans and reach a wider audience.
“Artists are betting big on VR technology as it offers what no current social platform can — a chance for their audiences to experience shows in an immersive way.”
The company believes it has solved the biggest problems with today’s VR platforms, which are “social isolation and cartoonish non-immersive environments.”
Brian Kean, Chief Communications Officer at Sensorium Corporation, told Pollstar, “we’re working with Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games to bring AAA Graphics for the first time into social VR setups. In other words, we are able to offer photorealistic quality for avatars and environments.”
PRISM is Sensoriums VR world for concerts and festivals. Fans create an avatar, which will be “photorealistic” just as the environments, according to Lapuschin. “Users can participate in events, communicate with friends or family [who are] also on Sensorium Galaxy, as well as meet other people [via a] dating function,” he explained, adding that, “Avatars are equipped with voice and text communication.”
Another aspect by which Sensorium hopes to stand out from the competition is that its avatars are powered by AI, meaning, “they identify behavioral patterns to become more accurate representations of the user. That information is used to replicate the user behavior even when they are offline,” Lapuschin continued.
The people behind Sensorium promise photorealistic avatars and environments.
Sensorium Corporation
– The people behind Sensorium promise photorealistic avatars and environments.
Thanks to the Unreal 4 graphics engine.

For the proper immersive experience, a VR headset will be essential, but users will also be able to join via their desktop computers and mobile devices.

By collaborating with Carl Cox, Sensorium hopes to benefit from his knowledge of what makes a dance floor magical. “I am excited to join Sensorium Galaxy in taking communication and entertainment to the next level. Being a part of their vision is going to be a lot of fun. This immersive platform allows you to experience things and share special moments with other people no matter where they are,” the DJ commented. 
He believes, “Sensorium Galaxy is going to revolutionize how people socialize while overcoming the current limitations on how we enjoy music and the arts online, giving everyone a chance to connect in a much more meaningful way.”
Aside from PRISM, Sensorium offers other worlds, each acting as a content hub for a particular type of art. Carl Cox’s performances will be streamed in PRISM World, which is dedicated to music concerts and festivals, and is being built in partnership with Yann Pissenem, creator of the world-leading nightclubs Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza. Since its foundation, Sensorium Corporation has raised over $100 million in private investments.