Trans-Siberian Orchestra Plots Holiday Livestream Concert

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
– Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra may not be touring this holiday season, but the group is staging a ticketing ever livestream concert on Dec. 18 to continue bringing its brand of magic to fans around the U.S.
The show, titled “Christmas Eve and Other Stories,” the first of The Christmas Trilogy collection, will be made available for a $30 ticket and will be available on demand until Dec. 18. The show will include music off the Christmas Eve and Other Stories album and will include some of the show production will expect.
Fans will also get behind the scenes footage, interview segments and access to merch with the purchase of a ticket. 
“So many things have changed in 2020. Masks, social distancing, home schooling, and of course live entertainment. What will not change is all of us being able to celebrate the holidays together,” TSO’s Music Director & lead guitarist Al Pitrelli said in a statement. “It will just be in a different way.  For 21 years we’ve had the privilege of bringing our tours, including ‘Christmas Eve and Other Stories,’ to hundreds of cities and millions of people. This year we will bring this timeless story to your living rooms. We will miss seeing all of you in person, but like Paul O’Neill always said, ‘adapt, overcome, and improvise.’ That’s exactly what we are going to do. This will be an opportunity to see your favorite holiday story up close and personal. We can’t wait to share this with all of you. In the meantime… Stay safe. Stay healthy. We’re on our way!”
TSO has been one of the highest-grossing artists of 2020, since its regular holiday-season tours are included on the Q1 chart period, and those dates were unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Adam Lind, Co-manager of the Q1 Chart Toppers told Pollstar in April: “TSO gives people more than the typical concert experience. It’s a story, it’s a visual experience, it’s a music experience, it’s an emotional experience – a bit of everything. The band and crew do a great job of accomplishing Paul’s vision of enveloping the audience in the experience.”
Pollstar spoke with TSO’s agent Marc Geiger, then of WME, in 2018, about the band’s consistent success. He said, “I’m pretty experienced in this business and every year TSO goes out, I marvel at them, all of them. And they make the light show, which is already insane, better every year. This year my jaw was open. I was in Detroit at the new arena, I turn to Bryan Hartley, the lighting engineer and I just gave him two double high-fives, I didn’t know what to say. They are the swiss watch of touring.”