See Tickets Launches Distanced Seating Plan Functionality

Distanced seating at Alexandra Palace
Courtesy of See Tickets
– Distanced seating at Alexandra Palace

See Tickets has introduced a function to its system that’ll allow promoters and venue operators to configure a distanced seating plan.
Distance between people can be established through variations raging from chequer board concepts to the wrapping of any number of empty seats around occupied seats. 
“Any configuration can be designed including table plans, camp sites and traditional auditoria plans,” the press release from See Tickets reads.
Other tools See Tickets is offering promoters and venue operators include limited capacity time slot ticketing, contactless access control, personalized track and trace ticketing and car registration capture where the event is of a drive-in nature.
Venues and events that have been utilizing these tools, include Alexandra Palace and Greenwich Comedy Festival.
See Tickets CEO Rob Wilmshurst said: “We remain committed to investing in, and giving our clients and our customers, the very best services and systems to help get the industry moving again during and after this pandemic.”
See Tickets is following other companies, who’ve introduced similar functionalities to their own systems.