Clubbing TV Launches Streaming Platform

Carl Cox has made ample use of live streaming opportunities during these past months.
– Carl Cox has made ample use of live streaming opportunities during these past months.
Clubbing TV was one of them.

Clubbing TV announced the launch of a new “legal and licensed streaming platform,” called has been developed from scratch to control the entire streaming chain – “from the publishing points of the encoders to the video players and everything in between,” according to the announcement, which should “ensure reliable and smooth streaming with no hiccups.”
While is a free option for DJs, producers, artists to stay in touch with their fans during times without live events, there’s also the option of hosting the stream on Clubbing TV, the international TV channel dedicated to electronic music, DJ lifestyle and club culture.
In case a stream gets hosted on Clubbing TV, it will generate royalties for artists.
By its own admission, Clubbing TV is licensed to broadcast into over 50 different countries, reaching 100 million households, potentially offering artists exposure no other streaming platform can at the moment.
The legality of worldwide livestreams is one of the most important topics to consider right now, seeing that artists rely on these digital distribution methods in order to generate at least some live income.  
However, the process of acquiring the correct licenses worldwide is complex. 

Stéphane Schweitzer.
– Stéphane Schweitzer.
Director of Clubbing TV.

Pollstar asked Clubbing TV director Stéphane Schweitzer about his company’s approach. He said, “Dealing with rights to cover all possible aspects and usages is indeed very challenging but Clubbing TV has more than 10 years of history dealing with PROs, collecting societies, neighboring rights and over 25 years of experience in the music industry. 

“As a traditional TV channel being broadcasted via cable, satellite, IPTV…etc, we already had in place several agreements allowing us various broadcasting usage, offline and online. We are also extending some agreements as we speak to be able to offer replay for every content in the near future, while it’s now limited to some content.”
At the moment, is open to b2b partners like media, clubs and festivals. It will be opening to all artists soon, according to the announcement. They can pre-register on