All Things Live Acquires Swedish Agency And Management Company ROA

The team at Agenturen ROA.
– The team at Agenturen ROA.
All employees will continue in their positions.

All Things Live announced the acquisition of Swedish agency and management company specialized in comedy, ROA. 
ROA was founded in 2007 by Johan Glans, David Batra, Thomas Järvheden, Özz Nûjen, Hasse Brontén and Måns Möller, who are comedians themselves. Together with CEO Sabina Donoukará, they have all been co-owners of the company. 
By its own admission, “the agency provides large and small events and productions with comedians, presenters, moderators, lecturers, actors, screenwriters and authors.”
ROA will profit from synergy effects created by the broad access to All Things Live’s event production network across the Nordics.
The agency will work closely with Blixten & Co and Norway’s leading comedy company Standup Norge, both also part of All Things Live, to develop the comedy industry in the Nordics. 
“All employees will continue in their positions, and the only change will be that All Things Live gains full ownership,” the announcement states.
Sabina Donoukará
– Sabina Donoukará

ROA CEO Sabina Donoukará commented: “I am very pleased that we will finally become part of All Things Live. It is a step in the right direction for ROA as a company, for our clients and our staff. Having the opportunity to realise our full potential feels good and right. This is the ultimate proof of the fantastic job our staff and we have done during the years. I am excited and expectant about what is to come.”

Added Johan Glans, “We have owned this company for 13 years, and it is now time for us to step down as co-owners and just be comedians. We are handing over the reins to people who can really make ROA the most we can become. The close collaboration with our Nordic neighbours will of course be extra exciting.”
Said David Batra, “It is fantastic that ROA, which was started by a bunch of comedians in my basement 13 years ago, will now have wings and a chance to reach new heights.”
Henrik Berndtson, of All Things Live Sweden, said, “We are pleased and proud to welcome ROA and the many gifted comedians to the All Things Live family. We are looking forward to strengthening our common platform in Sweden and exchange talent, productions and experience across the other Nordic countries.”