ShowX App Launches For Indie Musicians

– ShowX
A new social media app for musicians called ShowX launched this week to help artists create content, find work and organize.
Developed by NYC booker Lincoln Schofield, and informed by Venmo co-founder Iqram Magdon-Ismail, ShowX aims to provide musicians with tools to grow and sustain their musical community.
Schofield recently told the Bringin’ It Backwards podcast: “I have insights on the business side of the music industry and I have continuously been so surprised that musician friends that are so far along in their career are just not understanding. And there are a lot of sensitivities about the journey of the artist that people on the business side just don’t get. So I developed a sensibility of where the line is and where the common ground is for both parties, and that led me into this concept [and this app].” 
Schofield said he wants to remove barriers so musicians can directly connect and support each other in different markets, as musicians are struggling greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“I wanted to find a way to create an easy, intuitive platform that any musician could [use] and quickly accomplish some simple goals.”
To promote the app ShowX is partnering with Paste Magazine to put on a series of livestreams from The Cutting Room in NYC from Jan. 25 to Jan. 31. Performing artists include Steve Earle, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, Moon Hooch, Jonathan Coulton, and Brandon “Taz” Niederauer. 
One of the features of ShowX is Mashups, which allows musicians to create video of themselves performing that other users can add onto and combine their music with. 
It is available now on Google Play and the Apple App Store.