CTS Eventim: ‘Our Systems Can Read Vaccination Cards’

CTS Eventim
– CTS Eventim
CEO Klaus-Peter Schulenberg

CTS Eventim CEO Klaus-Peter Schulenberg told German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche that he thought it a viable solution for private promoters to ask customers for proof of a COVID vaccination before they’re allowed to purchase a ticket.

He said CTS Eventim’s systems are already able to read vaccination cards and passports in Germany, where the government has announced that it wants to offer every German the choice of getting vaccinated by the end of summer.
Schulenberg said, that if enough vaccines became available, and everybody could get one, promoters should have the option of making proof a vaccination a requirement to get into events.
He said he understood people’s concerns about getting vaccinated, but thinks those concerns are unfounded, given the vaccine roll-out in other countries that took place “without relevant side effects.”
CTS Eventim systems are currently being used by the German state of Schleswig Holstein to enable citizens to book vaccine appointments. Schulenberg said the process ran smoothly.
“When the Rolling Stones, Rammstein or Ed Sheeran go on sale, we have more than a million requests per minute,” he explained, adding that the demand for vaccination appointments didn’t come even remotely close.
The fact that he was already in talks with providing countries including Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Brazil with CTS Eventim’s system was proof that its technology can also serve sectors outside of events, he continued.
And he concluded, the quicker the population got vaccinated the sooner events could take place again.