PRG Expands Virtual Production Studio, Hosting Concerts, Fortnite Performances

PRG Virtual Studio LA
– PRG Virtual Studio LA
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Production Resource Group known for its innovations and production solutions for entertainment and live events, has opened a new virtual production studio in San Fernando, Calif., called the PRG Virtual Production Studio Los Angeles.

The studio replaces company’s two separate studios in the LA area with a significantly larger stage and a more advanced suite of features, according to the announcement, including extended reality capabilities.  PRG Enhanced Environments including car process, green screen playback, standard playbook shoots and more. 
The studio offers 4,300 sq. feet of space for pre-recorded and live content at any scale, from a livestreamed corporate presentation to a dynamic music video featuring an immersive virtual set – all within COVID guidelines.
“PRG responded to the demands of production during the pandemic by finding new ways to create and bring to life the vision of musicians, cinematographers, and our corporate clients,” states Jere Harris, Chairman and CEO of PRG. “Virtual production is one of the most promising and significant recent innovations, so we’ve expanded our flagship studio.”
PRG’s Virtual Production Studio features an xR Stage, designed to provide full control over both lighting and filmed scenes with real-time visualization and full broadcast capabilities. This cutting-edge workflow and technology can be applied to everything from award shows to corporate events, music videos, livestreamed concerts, or commercial shoots.  
“One of the most important features of our new studio is the stage floor which is 992 sq. feet – more than 70% larger than our previous stage,” said Jeroen Hallaert, PRG’s Vice President, Production Services. “The depth beyond the stage means cameras can pull back for wide shots. A lot of virtual production and xR have been done using tight shots. Now we’re seeing clients wanting to go wide and not all studios are big enough to accommodate.”

PRG Virtual Studio LA
– PRG Virtual Studio LA
 The studio features fully loaded workstations including monitored suites for directors, producers, technical directors, robotic camera operators and audio engineers. Modular, flexible workstations are available to accommodate plug-and-play setups; from shading, EVS, utility or graphics, these stations are purpose built and pre-routed with infrastructure and video signal plugins.
In November, PRG announced it was teaming up with Fireplay and Clair to offer the “Virtual Crowd” COVID-era audience solution, which was debuted during a Metallica benefit show.