Alex Hodges, Samantha Kirby Yoh, Rob Light, Kim Stone, Marsha Vlasic Lead Today’s Pollstar’s Thought Leaders Roundtable

Live Week
– Live Week

Pollstar announced it will host the “Thought Leaders: Reviving Live Roundtable” this Tuesday (Feb. 9) at 10:30 a.m. PT / 1:30 p.m. ET  with a power-packed panel featuring key executives from across the industry that will include: Nederlander Concerts CEO Alex Hodges; Co-Head of UTA Music Samantha Kirby Yoh; CAA Partner, Managing Director and Head of Music Rob Light; Chase Center GM Kim Stone; and Artist Group International President Marsha Vlasic.

The session will be moderated by Ray Waddell, President of Oak View Group’s Media & Conferences Division.

The Thought Leaders: Reviving Live Roundtable, which can be accessed from our Facebook page (, will delve into where our industry’s at, strategies for sustaining our businesses, how we’ll come back and what that will look like. With the informed perspectives of top agents, an esteemed promoter and the GM of a major venue, this panel will provide a robust and well-round perspective about the state of our industry.

This event also coincides with when Pollstar traditionally holds the Pollstar Live! conference, which this year moved to June and combines both Pollstar Live! and The VenuesNow Conference. Running June 14-17 in Los Angeles, Pollstar’s 2021 LIVE WEEK will merge the world’s largest gathering of live entertainment professionals with the preeminent forum for the industry leaders of live entertainment facilities where we will focus in depth on “Reviving Live.” 

Visit for more information about Pollstar’s 2021 Live Week.  Registration is open now, with options including Production Live! only, Pollstar Live! only, Pollstar Live! combo (Production + Pollstar Live!), VenuesNow Conference only, and Live Week! (VenuesNow + Pollstar Live!).