Ghost Festival Switzerland Sells 12,000 Tickets Half-Way Through Presale

The Ghost Club.
– The Ghost Club.
The organizers of Ghost Festival around Dominik Gysin in the middle.

Ghost Festival in Switzerland, the festival that will never actually take place, Feb 27-28, has sold some 12,000 tickets so far.
Half way through the presale, Switzerland’s Ghost Festival has already sold 12,000 tickets, mostly two-day passes (CHF50/$56) and VIP passes (CHF100/$112). 
Festival promoter Dominik Gysin told Pollstar the exact breakdown of ticket sales would be published once the festival dates have passed. “We’re overwhelmed by the feedback caused by the biggest act of solidarity for Swiss music creators so far,” he wrote in an email response.
Since the presale began three weeks ago, Ghost Festival has received international media coverage. Swiss IT giant Swisscom has joined the festivals main sponsors, Migros and Mobiliar.
Swiss film maker Tim Duerig created a teaser for the event that will never take place, and Ghost Festival merchandise is selling like hot cakes, according to the promoters.

They write that the event is far from being sold out: “Thanks to a sophisticated safety plan, up to 8 million people are able to not visit Ghost Festival and thereby support Swiss music creators,” a tongue-in-cheek statement reads.