Andrew Lieber Of MAC Agency Invests In Youcan Platform: Exclusive

– Youcanevent
A screenshot of the user experience on the Youcanevent platform.
Andrew Lieber, founder of the MAC Agency, has invested in the virtual event platform Youcanevent, which recently hosted a livestream featuring his artist Toosii. 
Youcan’s claim to fame is its virtual world network, which creates digital worlds which users can explore with their customizable avatars, similar to a video game. While in the world they will encounter other users’ avatars and can personally message them or even request to video chat with them through the platform. These digital worlds can be used to host conferences, livestream concerts, fireside chats, community meetings, and film screenings. With the current model, which it has been developing since April 2020, Now based in Miami, Youcan boasts 80,000 registered users and 37 worlds for those users to explore.

“It’s very similar to a social network, you can meet people online and have conversations or meet community members, or to network,” Youcan founder Antonio Trincao told Pollstar. “What we are doing, no one is doing at the same quality. You are able to explore a virtual world and encounter like-minded celebrities and individuals.”

Trincao said Youcan makes some of its digital worlds available for new users for free, and the company charges an additional fee for clients that want to develop customizable worlds. Worlds have been developed for cultural franchises like Game of Thrones and Star Wars and can also be developed for corporations, sports teams or artists. Users are in charge of moderating their own worlds with a dashboard panel. 

The connection with Lieber came when the company worked with Toosii for its New Year’s Eve Celebration 2020, Trincao said, and the experience was overwhelmingly positive for everyone involved. That show drove more than 1 million views on social media with more than 30,000 people signing up to watch and the performance itself utilized unique technology to have the artist truly immersed in Youcan’s digital world.

“Youcan is the next social media disrupter that will change the entire tech industry in a massive way,” Lieber told Pollstar. “There is nothing like it in the market. With Youcan, users will have all their favorite features from other social media platforms plus the elevated experience of virtual world, exclusive content from celebrities, exclusive merchandise and so much more.” 

“Meeting like-minded people in your favorite virtual world is the future! I can’t wait to bring this to the market.” 

Lieber was recently featured as the executive interview for Pollstar’s 2021 Booking Agency Directory. He has driven the meteoric rise of artists like Juice WRLD and DaBaby.