The Beach Boys Partner With Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group For Intellectual Property Management

The Beach Boys
Michael Ochs Archive via Getty Images
– The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys perform onstage in circa 1964 in California. (L-R) Dennis Wilson, Al Jardn, Brian Wilson, Mike Love.

Surf’s up again for The Beach Boys, who have entered a partnership with Irving Azoff’s new venture, Iconic Artists Group, to take the pioneering band’s nearly 60-year career well into the digital future. 

Iconic has acquired a controlling interest in The Beach Boys’ intellectual property including sound recordings, the brand, select musical compositions and memorabilia in order to preserve and grow the considerable Beach Boys legacy in the digital era. 

The Beach Boys members and their heirs will retain an interest in their assets “to participate in the upside Iconic expects to create by actively marketing and promoting The Beach Boys,” Iconic says in its announcement. 

Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, and the Carl Wilson estate in a joint statement commented, “The Beach Boys and our songs have been one of the great joys of our lives. For more than half a century, we’ve witnessed generations of fans from all corners of the world come together to celebrate our music, dancing and singing along to the songs that we have loved and performed for decades. 

“As we look towards the upcoming 60th anniversary of The Beach Boys, we wanted a partner to help expand opportunities for our brand, while continuing to preserve our tradition as a band whose music transcends the test of time. We are confident that Irving and Iconic are the ideal partners and are confident that The Beach Boys’ ongoing legacy is in the best possible hands. We are very proud of what we have achieved as The Beach Boys and how our songs continue to resonate with our fans.”

Azoff, CEO of The Azoff Company and co-founder of Pollstar parent company Oak View Group, added, “The Beach Boys are an American treasure. I am honored that The Beach Boys have entrusted Iconic to preserve and grow their legacy. And I’m thrilled that The Beach Boys want to stay invested in the growth of the incredible cultural brand they created.”

Olivier Chastan is founder and CEO of Iconic Artists Group. “Ever since hearing the opening guitar notes of ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ as a teenager, The Beach Boys have been one of the permanent soundtracks of my musical life,” adds. “To be entrusted as the custodian of this incredible art and legacy is both humbling and thrilling. I want to thank Brian, Mike, Al, and the Carl Wilson family for their belief in Iconic’s unique mission.”

The Beach Boys are the latest to sell their catalog in recent months — Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks and Neil Young being just some recent examples. But this deal appears to be more encompassing, including control of brands and images than many such catalog sales. 

“Iconic Artists Group is dedicated to acquiring, and actively managing a portfolio of select artists’ assets and preserving the important legacy of these music icons,” the announcement says. “Iconic feels a void in the music business for legendary artists: a trusted steward for an artist’s intellectual property with the expertise to maximize the value of assets and maintain their brand. Iconic provides an alternative for artists who value legacy preservation; Iconic is dedicated to exposing the artistry and music of their artists to new generations. Iconic works in direct partnership with artists, their managers, record labels and publishers, and legal heirs to provide a solution that unites the music with the brand to efficiently drive value in both.”

The Beach Boys, of course, is a groundbreaking band in the annals of popular music and culture creation by virtually defining a California of sunny beaches, fast cars and good times, as well as elevating its own art in an age of musical experimentation with the classic Pet Sounds and other albums. The band marks the 60th anniversary of the release of its album debut, Surfin’ Safari, next year.