Prinz Steps Down As Co-Head Of Worldwide Concerts As ICM Restructures Concerts Team

ICM Partners
– ICM Partners
Rob Prinz has stepped down as ICM Partners Head of Worldwide Concerts with Mark Siegel, ICM’s Head of Music, taking over the helm. The news is part of a sweeping new Concerts Division leadership structure announced Feb. 22 by CEO Chris Silbermann. Prinz will remain at ICM as partner and agent and will continue representing a client roster that includes Jerry Seinfeld.
In the same announcement, Robert Gibbs was named Head of Music, becoming the highest-ranking Black executive in the agency business, according to ICM. Matt Bates is now Head of International/Head of Europe. Steve Levine remains in his position as Co-Head of Worldwide Concerts, while Peter Elliot and Scott Mantell continue as managing director of Primary Talent International and co-head of International, respectively.
“Working with this group as a team leader to help take the Concerts Dept to where we are today has been incredibly rewarding,” Prinz said in a statement. “Collaborating with Chris Silbermann has been the best experience I’ve had at any of the major agencies I’ve been fortunate to work at. We saw eye to eye on every strategic move and its timing straight down the line which really was the catalyst for our growth. I look forward to ongoing work with our incredible clients and supporting the team to maintain the trajectory we are now on.”
“Rob did an outstanding job leading our aggressive growth strategy in 2020 and for that we are very grateful. He and I have been discussing his desire to move back to becoming a full-time agent for a while and while we both now feel that the time right, I am grateful to him for the job he has done helping to grow and mentor the next generation of leaders and position the department for continued success and even further growth,” said Silbermann.
In addition, ICM Partners has created a Concerts Leadership Committee, comprised of Jacqueline Reynolds-Drumm, Yves C. Pierre, Ari Bernstein and Mitch Blackman.
Prinz, along with Silbermann, led ICM’s growth during a difficult 2020, which includes a partnership with London-based Primary Talent International in March, followed by the recruitment and signing of nine top music agents, mostly from WME and Paradigm, including Pete Nash, Ron Kaplan, Garry Buck, Simon Clarkson, Dave Kaplan, Alex Buck, Paul Gongaware, Randall Uritsky and Emily Yoon.
Mark Siegel
Courtesy ICM Partners
– Mark Siegel

Filling Prinz’s seat as Co-Head of Worldwide Concerts, Siegel is a New York-based Partner who has been with ICM for more than 25 years. For the last six years he has been Head of Music. Siegel has not only been the longtime agent of many legendary clients, he has also made it a point to continuously mentor and develop young agents who have gone on to have incredibly successful careers of their own.
“I am extremely humbled and excited to be given the opportunity to step into a new role within ICM Concerts,” Siegel stated. “Chris Silbermann and Rob Prinz led the charge over the past year to grow our division and lay the foundation for ICM Concerts to be a leader in the industry for years to come. We have created a talented, diverse, and forward-thinking leadership team who I am proud to work alongside in our commitment to best represent our incredible clients. They are the reason we strive every day to be better than yesterday and I cannot think of a better group of agents, assistants and support staff who display their commitment and passion daily to that end. 
“As I step into this new role, I do so knowing I am surrounded by an incredible team, including my partners Steve Levine, Rob Gibbs and Matt Bates, and I am eager to continue the work that has propelled this department forward.  I am equally excited to work with Jacqui, Yves, Ari and Mitch as they step into an active leadership role. To Rob Prinz, my colleague but more importantly my friend, thank you for your tireless work and leadership, especially over the past year, which resulted in the tremendous growth of our department. I look forward to continuing to have you as a partner and a colleague for years to come.”
Robert Gibbs
Courtesy ICM Partners
– Robert Gibbs

Gibbs is a Los Angeles-based Partner and 14-year ICM veteran. He was promoted to Head of Contemporary Music in August and now takes Siegel’s previous post as Head of Music. Bates is a 15-year veteran of Primary Talent International and has been on its board since 2014.

Matt Bates
Courtesy ICM Partners
– Matt Bates

“I am proud to work with Mark, Steve and Matt to lead this division and equally excited to work with our Next Gen Leaders, Jacqui, Yves, Ari and Mitch, who will help energize the entire concerts division. We pride ourselves on our culture and values as well as a client first dedication to the representation business, the only business we are in,” Gibbs said. 
Bates adds, “Since Primary joined with ICM 12 months ago, the support and vision I have seen from Chris Silbermann has been exceptional, which is reflected in the department’s growth and expansion. The foundation Rob Prinz built in the concert division has left ICM in a formidable position from which to navigate the exciting new world of live music, which is about to open up globally. I am looking forward to working alongside Mark Siegel and Rob Gibbs in their new roles and our incredible team of agents who will lead ICM to the forefront of the live music business.” 
The company also announced that it is establishing a Concerts Leadership Committee designed to keep the department on the cutting edge of every client opportunity and groom the next generation of department leaders. It will include Jacqueline Reynolds-Drumm, Yves C. Pierre, Ari Bernstein and Mitch Blackman.
“We have empowered a talented, diverse and forward-thinking leadership team to best represent our clients and reap the rewards of the investments we have made in the live events business,” Silbermann added. “We are all looking forward to a booming 2022 and beyond as the audience returns to experience the artists and concerts they love and have greatly missed. This diverse team combines the wisdom of experience with a forward-thinking next generation enthusiasm, giving our clients a dynamic leadership team and representation department built not only for success today, but into the future.”