Angela “Angie” Martinez, Esq., Attorney At Law, Angela N. Martinez, P.A.

Angela “Angie” Martinez, Esq.

Attorney At Law, Angela N. Martinez, P.A.

Entertainment attorney Angela “Angie” Martinez, Esq., points to “patience, integrity and a willingness to succeed” in helping her professionally while coping with the challenges of the pandemic, including juggling home schooling and working from home while negotiating highly technical, lucrative deals with intense deadlines. She’s stayed busy coordinating livestreams, single, video and album releases and endorsement opportunities for her clients, which include chart-topping artists, songwriters and producers from different subgenres in the Latin market including Ozuna, Mike Bahía, Camilo, Ricardo Montaner, Luis Fonsi, Mau y Ricky and Darell.

“Besides the obvious of having the requisite knowledge and understanding of deal terms, client interests, industry norms and legal troubleshooting, professional responsibility is everything,” Martinez says. “If I tell you that I’m going to do something, it’s going to get done. In a work-at-home environment where it is seemingly easy to get comfortable and distracted, you have to execute. If you don’t get it done, someone else will. Client retention is extremely important for a sole practitioner specialized in entertainment law. My client roster is mostly based on word of mouth, I cannot advertise on television, radio or bus billboards. Your reputation is everything and the way you treat not only your client, but the other party is extremely important in getting a deal done.”

Martinez, who has spent two decades working in the music business, got her start as a law intern at BMG US Latin. Martinez also worked in-house at Universal Music Publishing Group and EMI Music Latin America before moving to the private sector.

During the past year, Martinez has negotiated livestream concert agreements for her clients including a McDonald’s livestream for Mau y Ricky and a Spectrum livestream for Ozuna. With a lot of marketing targeted to social media and TikTok, she’s also been doing “a lot of TikTok deals … just trying to make music as viral as possible.” 

In her spare time she also gave back by being involved with nonprofit Voto Latino, which “seeks to register voters and create awareness regarding issues affecting the Hispanic community.”