Judi Marmel, Co-Founder and President, Levity Live

Judi Marmel
– Judi Marmel

Judi’s 2021 Tours

Judi Marmel
Co-Founder and President, Levity Live  

After gracing the cover of Pollstar’s 2021 “Women Of Live” special issue in March, Levity Live co-founder and president Judi Marmel is not-very-surprisingly on the verge of announcing major 2021 tours for her major clients, which include arena-headlining Sebastian Maniscalco, nearly household name Bert Kreischer, Whitney Cummings, Taylor Tomlinson and others.

“Touring is very much a priority – and we’ve seen the specials and the films, TV projects and podcasts and everything as really just support systems for the live,” says Marmel. In the case of Kreischer specifically, that “support system” is a major motion picture titled “The Machine,” based on his most famous bit about how he got the nickname during a college trip to Russia – co-starring Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

Marmel’s clients are heading out in a big way in recent months as the world opens back up, little surprise as they were some of the most notable to keep up the momentum during the pandemic.

Judi’s 2021 Tours:

Sebastian Maniscalco

“Nobody Does This”

Venue Sizes: Theaters/Casinos.

Maniscalco is in pre-production on his Lionsgate feature film that goes into production in September 2021. 

During the pandemic, he hosted a series of livestreams focused on cooking and comedy, which has been developed into TV show that’s been picked up by Food Network and Discovery+.

Bert Kreischer

“Berty Boy Tour”

Venue Sizes: Theaters/Casinos.

Kreischer is currently in Serbia shooting his feature “The Machine” with Mark Hamill. The Legendary film is based on Bert’s breakout stand-up routine “The Machine.” The tour follows the success of his record-setting drive-in “Hot Summer Nights Tour” tour (23 shows reported to Pollstar; 32,723 total tickets for a total gross of $2,318,822.)

Whitney Cummings

“Touch Me”

Venue Sizes: Theaters/Casinos.

Cummings is touring the U.S. following the success of her sold out “Co-Dependent Tour,” in partnership with Taylor Tomlinson. She launched her podcast “Good For You,” which features Whitney interviewing her friends and experts from a variety of fields.

Taylor Tomlinson

“Deal With It”

Venue Sizes: Theaters

Taylor is currently touring the U.S. following the success of her sold out “Co-Dependent Tour” with Whitney Cummings.

Darci Lynne Farmer

“My Lips Are Sealed (Except When They’re Not)”

Venue Sizes: Theaters/Fairs.