Nadia Prescher, Co-Founder, Madison House & National Independent Talent Organization

Nadia Prescher
– Nadia Prescher
Madison House

Nadia’s New Mindset

Nadia Prescher
Co-Founder, Madison House & National Independent Talent Organization  

Madison House owner and co-founder Nadia Prescher faced, and continues to face, the battle of a lifetime with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down nearly all revenue sources for concert-focused talent agencies such as her own. 

The situation led to the quick formation of the National Independent Talent Organization, which joined NIVA representing hundreds of talent agencies, artists, production companies and more. They accomplished the seemingly impossible task of becoming part of the Save Our Stages act that was passed in congress and allocated $16.125 billion to independent live music businesses for much-needed relief. At press time, the U.S. Small Business Association’s portal to apply for SOS had barely reopened and functioned enough for someone like Prescher to successfully apply for the relief that was promised back in December.

Quotable Quotes From NITO’s Nadia

NITO Saving Our Stages: “With the smaller NITO Executive Team, we were practically connected every waking hour. Non-stop. It was like we were living together in a war bunker. … As time dragged on, the amount of work became inhuman and each of us took turns falling apart. This meant we also had to take turns encouraging one another.”

On Deck: Another “Another recent initiative on NITO’s docket is Vax4Live, a national awareness campaign encouraging music fans and live event lovers to get the facts about vaccination.” 

New Mindset: “I’ve decided to work with as many excellent people and as few a**holes as possible moving forward. It’s a new day. The path has narrowed.”

Inclusion Mission: “I want to continue to learn more about my role in inclusivity and try to be better. I know in this commitment, I am going to make mistakes, but I’d rather fail in trying, than fail by lack of action.”

New Normal: “I think some artists and industry people are still in shock. However, some execs and artists have been very much renewed and recharged, which has been so fun to see.”  

The (Other) Current Crisis: “What has become crystal clear is that our mental health crisis in our music community has only intensified due to the effects of the global pandemic. I’ve been supporting Backline – a national nonprofit organization that connects music industry professionals and their families with mental health and wellness resources.”  

Achievement Unlocked: “Surviving this year and raising two incredibly smart and conscientious teenagers (who now know a sh*t ton about lobbying in Congress, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, being an ally, voter oppression and everything in between).”