Impact 50: Sherry Saeedi Offers Tips For Successful Business Relationships

Sherry Saeedi
– Sherry Saeedi

Sherry Saeedi
Co-Founder and Chief Relationship Officer, Veeps

As a co-founder of Veeps, Sherry Saeedi has pursued her passions for championing artists and empowering women. More than half of the staff at Veeps is female – notable for a music and tech company, two male-dominated fields.

From launching in 2017 to help bands sell VIP offerings to evolving during the pandemic to become one of the leading ticketed livestream platforms, the core vision of Veeps remains to encourage artists to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their careers.

The company – which was co-founded by Good Charlotte’s Benji and Joel Madden, along with Kyle Heller – boasts no set up or hidden fees and is 100% commission-free. 

Over $10 million went directly to artists in 2020. Live Nation acquired a majority stake in Veeps in January and by April the companies announced they have started equipping more than 60 venues to offer turnkey livestreaming.

As Chief Relationship Officer, Saeedi is responsible for all the interfacing with Veeps’ clients, as well as internally, “making sure the team is supported and that internal communication is running smoothly.”

Here, Saaedi offers tips for successful business relationships:

Whether you’re in music or selling carrots, relationships are the most important part of any business. 

Your clients need to feel taken care of and heard. And your team needs the same thing.

If people like you, they want to work with you.

Be genuine. People can see right through a phony vibe some people give off. … Just be genuine about the relationships you’re building with people.

Be honest. You’d be surprised how much honesty actually works. So if there’s a concern, don’t try to beat around the bush if there’s something that’s going on. Just be very straight with the client and then work through it together, be solution-oriented.

It’s important to just trust yourself and also trust your team that you’re going to work toward the solution together.

And just stay calm. Freaking out is never in the history of ever helped anyone. I think that especially maybe the younger generation, we can be a little bit more impulsive.

So, what I always recommend is take a deep breath. Nothing can’t wait five minutes for you to touch base with your partner or think about something internally.

Honesty, integrity, kindness: it doesn’t matter who you’re talking to. We’re all human and you never know what another person is dealing with. Treat everyone with kindness and don’t take anything personally.

And just believe in yourself, because that will shine through to the rest of your team. If I don’t believe in me, then my team may not believe in me. And then it just spirals. Take care of yourself and then watch how that translates to your team and your client.

Hot Takes

The business philosophy you live by ?

People care less about what you’re doing. They want to know why you’re doing it.

Which music artist or band has most helped you get through this year?

How good has the resurgence of the 90’s been? It’s gotta be Good Charlotte. 🙂

When it’s safe to do so, will you go back to the office, work remotely or a combination of both? Why?

I’m in awe of how well our team has worked remotely. Some of our newest hires haven’t met any of their colleagues in-person yet. When things start to open up, we expect it to be a combination of in-office and remote depending on what people prefer.

Artist to watch break in the next year?

All Time Low.

How do you think livestreaming will or won’t be integrated into your business going forward?

Livestreaming is my business.

Your favorite music documentary – recent or old?

Billie Eilish‘s “The World’s a Little Blurry.”

Zoom, Clubhouse or TikTok? Why?

For meetings, it’s Zoom all day. For streaming content, it’s Veeps all the way.