Berkeley Reinhold, President, Business and Law Office of Berkeley Reinhold

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So Does Everybody Work With Berkeley Reinhold?

Berkeley Reinhold
President, Business and Law Office of Berkeley Reinhold  

As the pandemic was taking hold in early 2020, the industry rushed to respond with a number of measures, including the expansive “One World: Together At Home” concert TV special put on by Global Citizen and curated by Lady Gaga. . 

In order to make this event happen, Berkeley Reinhold, who works with Global Citizen, had to negotiate 72 contracts within approximately 10 days for the event, a superhuman feat which she still hasn’t fully processed. 

Her work with Global Citizen continued as she handled artist and production deals for “Global Goal,” “Unite For Our Future,” “Every Vote Counts,” and, most recently “Vax Live,” the concert event that marked the opening of SoFi Stadium, and which raised $302 million for more than 26 million vaccinations.

In addition to Global Citizen, here are just a few key clients that Reinhold now works with:

Live Nation, where Reinhold now takes the lead as attorney for the promoter’s North American festivals, handling consulting and advising for all matters related to these events, including COVID cancellation terms with artists.

National Independent Talent Organization, the newly formed umbrella for independent agents and promoters throughout the U.S. Reinhold has been helping the organization and its members navigate the path to receiving Shuttered Venue Operators Grants from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Marc Anthony, who has recently put a U.S. arena tour on sale, which includes the first scheduled show at the AT&T Center in San Antonio in August.

Spencer X, a beatbox specialist with more than 52 million followers on TikTok, who Reinhold says is absolutely “one to look out for.”

At this stage, you would be hard pressed to find a national act whose business will not intersect with Reinhold in some way. But despite the incredible number of acts and business pillars Reinhold now works with and helps in some capacity, she says her biggest accomplishment has been the trust she has built among her clients, a lesson she learned early on from the likes of no less than Richard Rosenberg and Peter Grosslight at William Morris Agency, as well as later with Charles Attal and Charlie Walker.

“Whether it’s a client or just someone asking for advice and guidance, I have a reputation for being a dependable and honest resource,” Reinhold said. “I will always vociferously advocate on their behalf, while finding equitable solutions. I would say that loyalty and trust have been key to building up my client base and relationships in the industry, which has been very much an accomplishment. 

“I’ve been able to close so many deals because people know they can trust me. It is so important to my work.”