Lauren Sullivan, Co-Director/Co-Founder, REVERB

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Six Keys For A More Sustainable Concert Industry + Life

Lauren Sullivan
Co-Director/Co-Founder, REVERB  

Lauren Sullivan of REVERB has been learning about how tours can become more sustainable since 2004. Below are her six keys for a more sustainable touring industry and personal life.

1. Become Intersectional

We are ALL interconnected and we must begin/continue to connect and support BIPOC environmental activism and voices, while working to make our world a better place for all. Environmental Justice is Racial Justice.

2. Find Your Power

We all have an important role to play in this next chapter of our lives here on this planet.

All of us have some form of power or agency to effect change, be it minute or global. Where are you on the continuum of environmentalism? Did you choose to eschew meat one night? 

Are you committing acts of civil disobedience to push companies ravaging the planet to stop predatory practices? Are you running for office? Are you volunteering with your favorite nonprofit in your community? There are many ways to fight this climate emergency, and we need everyone … We don’t all have to agree with how we do the work, but we HAVE to do the work.

3. Get Uncomfortable

Without shedding our old habits and ways of approaching sustainability, we will continue to retrace the same steps over and over again. We need to build upon our successes and develop new ways of approaching our work and personal lives. We must have difficult conversations, buy tiny, unglamorous electric cars, eat vegetarian when we want burgers, speak up and out to the politicians who represent us, and demand companies do better on behalf of the planet and those most effected by climate change and environmental degradation.

4. Find Ways To Connect With The Natural World

We need to appreciate the power of a little weed bursting through a crack in the sidewalk, a wild blue sky, or the food that we are fortunate enough to have on our plate. 

The Earth gives us life. We need to infuse our day-to-day lives with some reverence and a deep respect for it.

5. Stay Hopeful And Connect

Hope can light a spark in us that keeps us going and allows us to believe and know in our bones that things can and will get better if we are united in our purpose to fight the climate crisis and protect the planet. With that spark, that energy, we can connect, nurture and support others so that we are creating a better, sustainable future.

6. Amplify Your Voice

Get ready to join a community of music-makers and music-lovers that is fighting in the climate emergency. We invite everyone in this industry to be a part of our Music Climate Revolution campaign, coming this June!!