Get To Know Your Pollstar Live! Panelist: Stephen Shaw, Round Room Live

Stephen Shaw
– Stephen Shaw
Round Room

This year’s Pollstar Live! conference will revive live as the concert business is gearing up and the return to normalcy appears well under way. With some of the best talent and minds in the business gathering once more in Los Angeles June 15-17, you won’t want to miss the networking opportunities, insightful discussion and, of course, the Pollstar Awards honoring the best from the live entertainment world. 

Pollstar Live! kicks off with Production Live!, the one-day companion conference that features insightful panels and discussions from industry professionals on all topics related to staging live events including lighting, video, staging and stage management, sound technique, concert production, video, regulations, security and more.

Click here for the Production Live! schedule and here for the Pollstar Live! schedule

Get to know a Pollstar Live! panelist.
Stephen Shaw
Round Room Live
Panel:  Beyond Concerts: The New Production Paradigm ( Production Live! )
Round Room Live has found a niche with touring family show productions based on popular kids shows like PJ Masks Live! and viral sensation Baby Shark Live!, which is nominated for a Pollstar Award. 

Who better, then, than founder and president Stephen Shaw to talk about the varied types of hard-ticket shows that may not be top of mind when discussing the concert business?
Proudest Moment In Your Career?
Building Round Room to a position where there was interest from a global entertainment company to take a significant position as an investor, IP provider, and partner – willing and able to align themselves with our growth aspirations.
Why Everyone Must Go To This Panel?
The impact of COVID has been significant, forcing producers and promoters to find new ways to monetize their respective content, and news to develop and present their content. 
Some of it will be washed away with the return of live – but some methods & presentational forms will be around forever – and it will be important to hear from those industry experts on what has/will become a permanent offering of the live entertainment world.

The Story You Will Tell?
I will discuss what Round Room has done to find new ways to monetize our IP. I will discuss how we managed our down time, by taking a look at our shows, our operations, our content – so that when we do return, we are coming back with a slate of projects that are much more exciting, more efficient, and can sell more tickets!
The Story You Won’t Tell?
How hard it was pulling shows off the road and taking down 250 performances. Rescheduling tour leg after tour leg became tedious, and increasingly more difficult.
What May Cause Tempers To Flare?
Hopefully nothing!
The Question You Hope Is Asked?
The growing impact of immersive entertainment experiences, and how it lends itself to a safer, more controlled post pandemic world.
What Do You Dread Most About Going Back To Shows?
At this point, absolutely nothing. I can’t wait – which isn’t too long from now, as Round Room opens Baby Shark Live in Frisco, Texas on June 1st!